Guava Surprise

Guava Juice with Soda
  • Rs.135

Classic Mojito

Fresh Mint, Lemon & Sugar with Fizz
  • Rs.135


Orange Syrup, Fanta Topped with Vanilla ice Cream
  • Rs.135

Pink Lady

Pine apple Juice, Strawberry Crush Topped with Strawberry lce-cream
  • Rs.135

Purple Kiss

Black Currant with Fizz & Magicl
  • Rs.135

Green Misty

Pineapple Juice, Khus Syrup, Sprite,Topped with Vanilla ice-Cream
  • Rs.135

Pina Colada

Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk & Vanilla ice-Cream
  • Rs.135

Fruit Punch

Our Chef's Specialty
  • Rs.135

Black Currant Smoothie

Blend of Black currant crush, yoghurt & ice cream
  • Rs.150

Jal Jeera

Fresh Lime With Jal Jeera Garnished with Mont leaves
  • Rs.90

Fresh lime soda

  • Rs.95

Lemon Ice tea

  • Rs.90

Lassi (Sweet/Salted)

  • Rs.90

Masala Chaas

  • Rs.70

Mineral Water

  • Rs.45

Aerated Beverages

  • Rs.50

Cold Coffee with Ice Cream

  • Rs.135

Cold Coffee

  • Rs.125

Cranberry Cooler

Cranberry Juice Mixed with Lemon & Sugar
  • Rs.135